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heyo i'm kia / phanta (he/she/they) the webmaster of this site i'm a filipino artist that draws and codes for fun. My english isn't the best so sorry if some sentences don't make sense !!

Other than webdev, I make a lot of digital art and a little bit of 3D art from time to time. I love learning new hobbies and experimenting, right now i'm trying to get better at 3D art. At first, I made my site assets in Paint 3D and only recently switched to blender !

This site is called Phantasmagorial coming from the word phantasmagoria which means "having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination"

This site is mostly a place where I can store my characters or concepts that I have made in my head. If you're wondering who the characters on my site are, I'll be making info pages on them soon :o)

I started webdev around october 2022 and only made my neocities site on febuary 2023. I saw a lot of pretty codes in tumblr and toyhou.se and I think that inspired me the most to be honest!

I loved seeing other peoples websites. I like that there's no restraint (? im not sure if im using that word right) in making your own personal space!

Ask me through my guestbook (It's on the main page!), Thank you for reading !!